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Hema Nair

I am very thankful to the doctor for performing my Abdominoplasty with divarification operation. As I got back my confidence which I had lost roughly around 5 yrs back. I and my husband are grateful to her as I could wear any type of dresses without thinking how I look.

Vinay Cherian

In simple words she changed my life, gave me back my body confidence. i would say i have never been happier in my life only becoz of the careful n accurate decision by her. I can`t thank her enough for her humanitarian approach towards way of life. From the deepest bottom of my heart I thank her for giving me a new life. Hope her all the Best..

Vitthal Sawant - Sujata's Husband

Very Clever & Intelligent Doctor who performs an excellent surgery. Takes very good care of a patient. Down to earth & a very polite behavior gives homely feel to the patient. My whole family will always remember Dr. Nageshwari for her outstanding contribution to make my wife look so beautiful & a confident lady today. We thank you from the bottom of our heart to Dr. Nageshwari Sharma. May God Bless her & her family !!!!! A BIG THANK YOU from Manasi & Malvika as well