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Male Breast Reduction


Enlargement of male Breast (Gynaecomastia) can cause social Embarrassment to young men. If seen in Adolescent Boys, should wait till 18 years, if it subsides naturally. Any male breast enlargement persisting after completed adolescence can be surgically removed.Male Breast enlargement can also occur due to Smoking, Alcoholism, excess steroids and drugs. This surgery can be done under local or general anesthesia. If the enlarged breast has more of fatty tissue or less of glandular tissue, this can be removed with only liposuction through .5 mm incision in chest.

If the breast has more of glandular issue along with liposuction additional incision is taken in the areola (Black Part) and residual gland is removed.This gives a firmer, flatter chest. Patient needs to wear pressure garment immediately after surgery till one month. Stitches are removed at day seven. Patient can return back to work in seven days. Heavy exercises are discouraged up to three weeks. This operation is very simple but gratifying as far as the results are concerned