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Hair Transplant

Baldness is associated with low self -esteem and weaker confidence especially in younger men. Aging, Harmones, Genetics and Certain Diseases cause loss of hairs. The permanent solution to this is hair transplantation. Most are patients of male pattern baldness which is genetic. The Surgical procedure involves the removal of hair from back of your scalp & implanting it into the region of baldness.

In FUT Method A strip of hair from the permanent hair bearing area is harvested, cut into small slices from which each follicle is separated & implanted in to the Recepient area to give natural looking hairline.

In FUE Method Each follicle unit is harvested with the help of machine & implanted in to the Recepient bald area. It is a Stitchless Surgery. The small donor area heals in five to seven days leaving small scars.

The Transplanted hair grows back in four to six months & it is a permanent solution to hair loss. Pt is prepared three weeks prior to surgery with medicines, Anti dandruff shampoos. Smoking, drugs and alcohol should be stopped before surgery for good surgical outcome. Surgery is done under local Anesthesia. It's a day long surgery. The pt can go home the same day.

Hair Loss in Women : Hair loss is also seen in women especially along the hair part areas & frontal area. The hair transplantation operation can restore the lost hair in these Patient and restore their self confidence.